Shifu (master) Zhang Fang (张放)

“Practise, practise and practise”

Shifu (Master) Zhang Fang is an excellent teacher, he treats his students as individuals. Shifu has been teaching sports and especially wushu since the year 1980. He has been teaching in Finland from the year 1990 and he is the only professional teacher in the whole of Finland. Shifu Zhang Fang speaks both English and Finnish fluently.

  • Shifu Zhang Fang is specialized in teaching taijiquan, changquan, nanquan and weapon events,
  • Shifu is the main coach and teacher trainer of the Finnish Wushu Federation,
  • He teaches wushu disciplines not only in Helsinki but all over Finland and is also often invited to teach wushu in various countries across Europe,
  • Zhang Fang started practicing wushu in Dongchen and Shi Sha Hai Ti Xia –sport schools in Beijing. He was taught by many famous of wushu masters (Wang Huai (王怀), Li Bing Ci (李秉慈), Wu Bin (吳彬) ja Xie Zhi Kuei (谢志奎.)
  • Shifu studied in the years 1977-1982 in Beijing Sports University of Applied Sciences and attained bachelor’s degree. Furthermore Zhang Fang has been granted a teacher’s qualification in 1989 for taijiquan Yang and Chen –styles from Yang and Chen families acknowledged masters (Yang Zhen Duo (杨振铎) and Chen Xiao Wang (陈小旺),
  • One of the biggest personal achievements on Zhang Fang’s competitive career was in the year 1974 winning China’s youth wushu-team championship in the same team with the nowadays famous movie star Jet Li,
  • The National Wushu Federation of China has given shifu Zhang Fang 7 duans in 2010 in an organized placement test in Beijing,
  • In 1997 shifu Zhang Fang was given the “Outstanding Judge Award” in Rome by the International Wushu Federation,
  • In 2011 the Association of Chinese People Living Outside China gave shifu Zhang Fang an honorable mention for the teaching and for the raising of general awareness of wushu disciplines outside China,
  • Zhang Fang is the chairperson of the Finnish Wushu Federation and he has actively developed the skill of wushu in Finland,
  • The students of shifu Zhang Fang have won numerous medals in many international competitions.
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Watch the documentary of shifu Zhang Fang coming to Finland (2008, Rasmus Blomqvist)