About the club

Activity of the club in Finland

Helsingin Wushu ry was found in 1991 and it is the oldest wushu and taijiquan club in Finland. There are over 300 active members in the club.

Helsingin Wushu ry is a part of the Finnish wushu federation and it is widely participating in national activity. We are collaborating with other Finnish clubs by organizing common venues, courses and camps. Our teachers and our master Zhang Fang are visiting regularly around Finland to give guidance to practitioners and to educate wushu and taiji teachers.

Internationality and competitions

The Finnish Wushu Federation was found in 1991 and the International Wushu Federation in 1990. The members of Helsingin Wushu ry are a part of International Wushu Federation trough Finnish Wushu Federation. As being a part of Finnish Wushu Federation, our club takes part in international venues and competitions. In Wushu competitions disciplines are divided into two groups: Forms and sparring.


To join the club fill the information through the following link and give it to Master zhang fang. (available also at the gym) Icon apply for membership (pdf) (13.0 KB)

Membership fee
Check the current price of the membership fee from the price list.


  • Ask for the receipt from Zhang Fang
  • Leave the lower paper for Zhang Fang
  • Use the reference number in the receipt when paying the membership fee.
  • You will get a stamped membership card from Zhang Fang when you have applied and paid for the membership.